Road development, a major achievement in Rajasthan

June 28, 2012

Roads make a vital contribution to India’s economy and to infrastrutural development overall, and, the state of Rajasthan has not lagged behind in this endeavor, implementing various development projects worth Rs.4549 crore to improve over 30,000-kilometers of roads.

The Rajasthan Government’s commitment towards infrastructure development took shape with the setting up of the Road Infrastructure Development Company of Rajasthan (RIDCOR).

This project involves improvement and maintenance of 1053 kilometers of road across 13 districts of the state, at an investment of Rs.12 billon.

Under the Ashok Gehlot regime, road connectivity in Rajasthan has improved considerably.

In the last 36 months, the state government has activated projects of road repair, renewal and re-carpeting. It has upgraded and strengthened highways and other main district roads at a cost of Rs.750 crores.

The state government has also sanctioned the construction of 2420 km of roads at a cost of Rs.517 crores.

Under the Mahanarega Scheme, more than 2900 villages with population of 250 to 500 will be developed and get their roads connected to the nearest roadways bus service.

In first phase (2012-13), 3302 kilometers of road will be developed. A sum of Rs.832 crores has been given to NABARD for the completion of this work.

Roads of the remaining 1400 villages will also be developed with the help of the World Bank.

At least 16 mega highway projects are under construction, the objective being to connect important roads in the state.

Under this scheme, 2631 kilometers of roads will be developed and re carpeting at a cost of Rs.3590 crore. About 28 main roads are to be developed under PPP/BOT/BGF scheme.

Plans include developing roads between Jaipur and Falodi via the Jobner-Kuchaman-Nagore stretch (a distance of 360 kilometers).

Work on the Kotputli-Neem ka Thana-Sikar-Kuchman road corridor of 193 km is also expected to be developed soon at a cost of Rs.285 crores.

The Bharatpur-Alwar-Bahrod-Narnoul road corridor of 167 km will be developed at a cost of 249 crore rupees.

The state government also plans to connect 610 important religious places with the main roads (1156 km).

Development of these identified corridors will also include development and support environmental, community, social, educational and tourism initiatives along the road projects. Improvement works of these corridors have been divided into many packages for implementation.

Having good road infrastructure can make the roadways better and transport system would become faster, because roads and transport are interrelated for the development.

A massive development plan has been undertaken by the department of the transport to strengthen its infrastructure in the state.

The government has also been trying to raise public awareness about safe road travel.

Road development in the state is expected to highlight the Gehlot regime’s move to the high growth path. (ANI)


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