This ice cream changes colour with every lick

August 4, 2014

Washington: PTI

 Researchers have created an ice cream that changes colour with each lick.

Spanish physicist Manuel Linares set out to create a type of ice cream that would change colour in response to temperature changes and acids found in the human mouth.

Linares signed up for training with Asociacion Empresarial Nacional de Elaboradores Artesanos y Comerciantes de Helados y Horchatas-a craftsmen and businessmen association in Spain that offers mentored coursework-and came up with the colour changing ice cream in just a week. Linares worked with his friends to develop the final product, which reportedly has a similar taste to tutti-frutti, and has been named Xamaleon, `’ reported.

The ice cream starts out as periwinkle blue, then changes to pink and eventually becomes purple, as it is licked.

The change in colour is believed to be due to the types of fruit that are used and a secondary ingredient, a spritz called the “love elixir“ that gets sprayed onto the ice cream after its been scooped into a cone, which Linares has hinted, accelerates the colour changing process.

Chak De girls play hardball to make most of free CP

July 28, 2014

New Delhi

At 6.30am, dressed in maroon uniforms and armed with hockey sticks, a gang of girls made way into the middle of Connaught Place. Unlike the rest of the crowd, who were there for a bit of fun on a Sunday morning, these members of Jharkhand Tribal Hockey Association were out on a serious mission.“Due to lack of space, we are often practising in parks, playgrounds and sometimes in schools. Raahgiri has given us a place to practise and put  spotlight on the girls who are extremely talented but completely unknown,” said their coach Sushil Kumar Tirke.About 32 teams are part of the association in Delhi of which six are women’s teams.“People from across Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Odisha have made their small teams in the city.  They wanted to come for Raahgiri and we are most happy to showcase the sport. Despite being our national game, very little attention is paid to hockey and this was an opportunity to involve more people,” said an NDMC official.

Passersby called them the  ”Chak De girls ” after a popular Bollywood film, but the girls remained focused on the game. Several borrowed their hockey sticks to practise a few shots and the boys’ team hap pily assisted those who needed tips on the game.

Asha Khakha, a 25-yearold from Simdega district in Jharkhand, has been in Delhi for the past 10 years. “There is a lot of craze for hockey in our state and parents encourage children, even girls, to participate. I have played for my state,” she said.

Alisha Vispota, a 13-yearold from Raigarh in Chhattisgarh, said she had left school to pursue hockey. “There is no money and sponsorships but we love the game and are living away from our families to learn the game and get a chance to represent our states and the country.” Several of the girls are studying in government schools while the older ones have low-level jobs in government establishments. “Last year three boys got into the army while a few made it through to CRPF. That is the only way they can sustain themselves as none of them are properly educated. No state government is helping out financially or providing us with facilities to train these children. We plan to come here every Sunday now,” said Tirke. (e-paper)

Prayers for Parking Space……Lol !

July 22, 2014

Pray for Parking Space
















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Metro heritage line to exhibit murals

June 5, 2013

Rumu Banerjee, TNN |

NEW DELHI: If history is your passion, travelling on Delhi Metro’s upcoming heritage line could be well worth the effort. Besides connecting several historical monuments, the stations on the line — Central Secretariat to Kashmere Gate —will also exhibit large murals, narratives and artwork of the neighbouring monuments that the line passes through. To begin with, Janpath Metro station will have murals and artwork inspired by Agrasen ki Baoli and Jantar Mantar.

“Delhi is an ancient city, with reminders of itsglorious heritage in the form of monuments and ruins all around. These places are often forgotten and lost in the rapid urbanization. Since the Janpath Metro station lies in the vicinity of the monuments like Jantar Mantar and Agrasen ki Baoli, we wanted to have a collage of various aspects of the structures in a colourful and graphical format,” said a senior Delhi Metro officer.

According to Delhi Metro officials, the murals and other artwork will be displayed in the connecting subways along the network as well. “There are several subways planned as part of the Metro station design along the heritage line. All the subways will have narratives and displays of the nearby monuments,” added the Delhi Metro official.

It’s not just the Janpath station that will have the murals or artwork. Other stations along the line will also exhibit unique and at times, modern takes on the historical monuments that are near the stations. For instance, the Red Fort Metro station will have entry and exit points that will be constructed to look like the neighbouring Mughal architecture. Similarly, the Jama Masjid station as well as the Delhi Gate stations will have distinctive murals, narratives.

The Delhi Metro will use the latest technology while putting up these graphic panels. “The specifications of the work includes an aluminium channel framing which provides the base for mounting panels on existing wall surfaces. Also, 26 gauge galvanized iron (GI)/MS sheets with colour ‘duco’ finish will be used,” added the official.

Incidentally, other Metro stations that have similar displays include Barakhamba, INA, Uttam Nagar and Welcome station. However, here the displays are different with various themes. The heritage line will be the first Metro corridor that will have a consistent artistic theme of historical buildings but with differing monuments in each station.

According to officials, with thousands of people visiting the Delhi Metro every day, stations can be a “very important vantage point for communicating ideas to the public”. “The large size and bold use of colours and modern abstract forms will also lighten up the walls of the stations,” added the official.


Happy Holi !!! – From Indian Tollways Team

March 27, 2013

Happy Holi 2