DND objects to U-turn proposal, wants review

July 15, 2014

Neha Lalchandani,TNN |

NEW DELHI: The public works department’s plan to ease traffic movement near Delhi-Noida-Direct Flyway may be stalled for a few months. DND authorities have raised several concerns about the impact of the U-turn proposed at the mouth of the flyway at Ashram.

PWD, which has already got permission from UTTIPEC for the U-turn, had applied to DND for transfer of land. DND officials wrote to PWD on Tuesday after inspecting the site. They suggested that an independent traffic expert be jointly appointed for studying the project and coming up with alternatives as the current plan would result in a traffic nightmare.

“The U-turn is meant to benefit residents of Kilokri and nearby areas who want to travel across the road towards Maharani Bagh. They have to turn left at the start of the flyway towards Sarai Kale Khan, take a U-turn, get onto the Delhi connect of DND and emerge at Ashram, a route that easily takes 15 minutes, or more in case of a jam. The U-turn will cut this down to five minutes or so,” said a PWD source.

However, DND spokesman Anwer Abbasi says this U-turn will cause several bottlenecks. “A signal is needed to regulate the heavy traffic flow towards Ashram. When traffic from the Delhi-connect side is allowed to move, that coming from Noida has to wait, leading to a pile-up till Yamuna Bridge. If a U-turn is provided on this road, there would be a jam on the turn itself as well as on the road towards Noida,” he said.

Ashram Road has three lanes. Traffic is expected to back up as well, according to the DND administration, since the Delhi-connect road is three lanes and the flyway has four lanes. “In addition to the seven-lane traffic already opening into the three-lane road is a two-lane U-turn. There is no scope for widening Ashram Road with Maharani Bagh on one side and Kilokri on the other. PWD needs to devise a way of accommodating this traffic. Furthermore, Delhi Metro is carrying out work at Ashram Chowk till 2017 which will be another hindrance,” said Abbasi.

The other concern is traffic will clash on DND Flyway once Kalindi Bypass becomes operational. “The traffic using the bypass to go towards Noida will take a cut that will loop over DND about 200m from the entry point through a downward ramp. To build the U-turn, PWD proposes to shift the main carriageway towards Noida so that it forms a curve that follows the trajectory of Kalindi Bypass and connect it with the flyway at roughly the same point. This will also lead to a conflict in traffic since we expect the bypass to cater largely to heavy vehicles,” said Abbasi.

DND repair to restart on Monday

October 7, 2013

Vandana Keelor, TNN

NOIDA: After a gap of nearly two months, the road overlay work at the DND Flyway will restart from Monday, October 7. After being launched on June 8, repairs had been temporarily halted due to onset of the monsoon. Flyway officials said the resurfacing work will be completed by the end of the year and will be undertaken in a phased manner so traffic movement is not affected.

To ensure smooth traffic movement, the toll road operator will avoid repairs during peak hours and the time between 10.30am and 5pm has been fixed to conduct the resurfacing work. “We will study the traffic pattern and decide if more hours, especially during night, can be used for repairs,” said Anwar Abbasi, spokesperson, Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd (NTBCL).

According to officials, the entire stretch has been divided into five 1.5km segments and work will be done in only two lanes of one carriageway of a single section at a time. “On Monday, 1,500 metres (section B) of the Delhi to Noida carriageway will be taken up first. Each carriageway will take approximately a month and a half to complete,” Abbasi said.

DND officials have also taken measures to help commuters. “Apart from installing informatory signages to guide commuters, additional manpower has been deployed to guide the traffic. We will also be providing regular updates via the public address system at the toll plaza. We have also placed CCTV cameras at the repair spots to record any changes in traffic patterns. If we notice any jams, a diversion will immediately be put into place for decongestion,” Abbasi said.

NTBCL said the first phase of repair of the 9km stretch has been completed. “As recommended by Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), this involved repairing of minor cracks on the road while larger ones were excavated and corrected. This repair work started on June 8 and was completed in the first week of August,” Abbasi said.

Traffic cops said that even though almost 1 lakh vehicles use DND daily, they do not expect any gridlocks.



DND repair from June 8 to affect traffic in Noida, Delhi

June 5, 2013

Aniruddha Ghosal, TNN |

NOIDA: Traffic on the DND flyway, the most vital link between Delhi and Noida, will slow down from June 8 due to its repair. The work is expected to last at least five weeks, depending on the onset of monsoon in the region, and has been divided into five stages, each focusing on a different part of the route.

Traffic police officials said it would be unrealistic to expect no traffic snarls. “Traffic will definitely be slow on the DND, especially during peak hours, affecting movement across Delhi and Noida. Almost 1 lakh vehicles use DND daily,” said a senior traffic police officer.

The work will resurface the entire flyway barring the Mayur Vihar link road which had already been repaired. After correcting the cracks, a layer of glass fabric will be applied on the road and after this a layer of bituminous concrete will be laid.

“Existing small cracks will be filled up while the larger cracks will be excavated and corrected. The glass fabric will prevent further cracks and reverse osmosis, the primary cause of cracks,” said Anwar Abbasi, spokesperson, Noida Toll Booth Company Limited.

Officials claimed that measures had been taken to help commuters. “We have hired an agency for traffic management and they will, along with our staff, ensure that traffic flow isn’t hampered. The work will take place throughout the day to ensure speedy completion of the project. During summer holidays, there’s also a 30% decline in vehicular movement,” said Abbasi.

The repair, which is being done after consultation with the Central Road Research Institute, has been divided into four 1.5km segments.

In the first phase, the stretch between Delhi and Noida will be repaired. The second stage will see simultaneous repairs of the Sarai Kale Khan ramp and the entry point to the DND from Maharani Bagh. In the third phase, the Yamuna Bridge-toll plaza stretch will be worked upon. In the fourth stage, the toll plaza-Noida corridor will be worked upon and finally repair will be done on the Yamuna bridge itself. Each stage will take approximately a week to finish.



Pay more on DND from today

April 1, 2013

Pay more on DND from today
By Bunty Tyagi in Noida
MOTORISTS using the Delhi Noida Direct ( DND) Flyway will have to shell out more now as toll rates were hiked from Sunday midnight.A decision to this effect was taken by Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited ( NTBCL) on Sunday. The rates have been increased by up to 20 per cent.“ The toll rate for cars has gone up from ` 22 to ` 25. For two- wheelers, it has been hiked from ` 11 to ` 12. The toll rate for light commercial vehicles has also gone up from ` 45 to ` 55. Buses and trucks will have to pay ` 70 instead of the earlier ` 55,” NTBCL spokesman Anwar Abbasi said.

The rates were last hiked in November 2012.

For large vehicles with three axles, the rate has been increased from ` 75 to ` 100, followed by ` 130 for extra large vehicles, which was earlier ` 95.

“ As per the agreement with Noida authorities, the company reserves the decision to hike toll rates every year,” Anwar said.

The various residents welfare association ( RWAs) in Noida and Bharatiya Kisan Union ( BKU) criticised the move and threatened to hold a protest demonstration against the hike. “ Since we have dragged the operator to court, the operator should not have hiked the toll rates,” said A. N. Dhawan, the chief adviser of Noida Federation of RWAs.

Source :  http://epaper.mailtoday.in

Pay more on DND from today

The DND Experience

September 8, 2006

DND Experience

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