Many cars per house adding to chaos

July 28, 2014


New Delhi:
 Locals Say Illegal Parking Rampant, Blame Realtors

Parking is a big problem in west Patel Nagar.

The roads here are always choked by haphazardly parked cars, and people lose their cool quite easily because of that. It’s even worse at block 28, say residents, where Rajender Bhatia lived.People living in Baljeet Nagar, an unauthorized colony nearby, park their vehicles in the spaces allotted to the block. “We have protested against this a lot of times with the police and the civic bodies but they tell us there is no way out,“ said Ahuja.But N K Ahuja, a neigh bour of the Bhatias, says the problem is also due to the fact that “every house has at least three cars that occupy spaces allotted to other residents“.

“There are days when we have to park our cars outside the colony because of that. I have filed several PILs to this end but all came to nought,“ Ahuja added.

Subhash Gulati, who has been living in the area for over 25 years, says, “The colony was originally designed to have one car per family . But with time, every house in this area became an apartment.
Now, there are at least seven cars for each house,“ he said.

Gulati also complained that the colony once had an RWA, but it was disbanded a few years ago. “I had requested all the residents to park their vehicles responsibly but to no avail,“ Gulati added.

Vikas Chaddha, an immediate neighbour of the victim, said Bhatia himself owned two cars, one of which he parked right outside the gate and the other on somebody else’s slot. “No one speaks about the parking issue since the spaces allotted for all the plots are being controlled by the property dealers in the area who run a racket,“ Chaddha added.

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