Govt wants fresh plan for better traffic at ISBT

June 24, 2013


NEW DELHI: With plans of turning the ISBT Kashmere Gate area into an integrated transit terminal, the Delhi government has asked DIMTS (Delhi integrated multi-modal transit system) to come up with a plan to improve the movement of motorized and non-motorized or pedestrian traffic in the area .

“The integration of ISBT with the Delhi Metro, and later with the regional rapid transit system will lead to traffic at ISBT intersection. We need to streamline this traffic,” said a senior official.

The DIMTS plan is the first phase of the traffic management plan.”A long term proposal for multi-modal integration of the entire complex will be implemented by UTTIPEC later. That will provide seamless travel to commuters for interchanging modes and safe crossing of roads,” said the official. The first phase will look at smoother movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the Lala Hardev Sahai marg after retrofitting of the road. The project has been given approval by UTTIPEC, the umbrella transport body.

The traffic circulation plan was mooted some months ago when the chief secretary had visited ISBT for inspection when it was about to re-open after renovation. At the time, he had ordered a traffic study of the area. The traffic from Ring Road, ISBT flyover, Mahatma Gandhi Road and surrounding areas tends to converge in front of the ISBT.

Officials in the transport department admit that the traffic situation is dire at ISBT despite the crores spent on renovating the bus terminus, with matters set to become worse as the work on the Kashmere Gate Metro station also gets underway. The traffic situation is one reason why the RRTS (regional rapid transit system) project, which had one station in Kashmere Gate ISBT, has been denied approval by the CM, said officials.

“The vehicular traffic is very high here, as it’s an arterial road along with the traffic from the inter-state buses coming in,” said a department official.

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