Mis management of L&T IDPL Toll booth udwariya sirohi rajasthan- Complaint from Mr. Mahendra Gehlot Visitor to Indian Tollways site-

November 25, 2013

From: mahendra gehlot
Subject: regarding mis management of L&T IDPL toll booth udwariya sirohi rajasthan

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there office have no any register of complaint
mis management of staff
many other thing




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  1. Ms Sabrina MB on July 16th, 2015 4:03 pm

    Travelling from our guest house which is located on the Coimbatore-Palaghat NH we tend to cross this toll everyday while we are on our business visit and are charged Rs.31/- On 15-7-2015 at 5.10 pm. We paid the amount and received a small receipt which normally states the vehicle number and the time etc. To our surprise after driving a few feet away I took the receipt and had a closer look only to find that this was issued at 12.03 to a KL registration number. I wonder how many people are being duped on a daily basis like this another couple of instances I would like to recall when they asked us for 20 Rs and did not give us a slip when asked they said it is ok to go. So why collect a toll at all? To feed who’s greed are the rules bent? How many people are actually getting a cut out of conning innocent people? I picked up a couple of numbers from the toll booth that says for complaints call the Project Manager however my calls went unanswered such is the pathetic condition should the authorities concerned not stream line things sooner or later there is going to be an outburst by the public.

  2. Ghulam Kibreya on August 22nd, 2015 11:23 am

    Respected sir,
    with great respect i want to inform you that our cozen name is Faisal Imran s/o Abdul karIm and he is from lala mausa city from Pakistan and is working in your company L& T tower installation department as a driver, in Riyadh,he captured by police by a complain of a Saudi national that was complained, that this guy Faisal Imran abused and battle with me ,so police captured him and put him in to jail in Makah near Ayesha mosque. but the Qazi list ion his case in his court and find him no guilty, so qazi gave judgment that he is no guilty and so release him. this decision has give before three month, but the still faisal imran is in jail and not released,beacause the no company representative yet go there by you and get from him to jail, because all his documents are in company custody, and jail administration said that company representative will come here with his documents then we can release him, and as per our information your administration said that the representative is on leave when he will come back then he will go and get released from jail. but sir my question is this that why you are waiting that guy even this will can be do by any person from the company who will go there by faisal documents and jail administration will be released him, this is your responsibility so why the company get longer this and although the Qazi gave order to release before 3 months, but he is in jail still, and this is only by the fault of the company.
    so sir it is requested to you please get immediate step on this ,as the guy is very poor person and his mother is in very serious condition and had get a heart attack by this problem, so this is very humble request to you kindly do as earliest..
    and if you cannot perform this so gave us the solution that either we approach to our embassy or ministry or Saudi government,
    we are very upset and will be complain any where regarding this, so kindly reply and tell us .
    Thanks and waiting for your favorable response

    Ghulam Kibreya(couzin)
    Ghulam Abbas (older Brother of Faisal Imran)


    Mis management of L&T IDPL Toll booth udwariya sirohi rajasthan- Complaint from Mr. Mahendra Gehlot Visitor to Indian Tollways site- : Indian Tollways…

  4. DEVARAM DEVASI on March 25th, 2018 7:05 pm


  5. DEVARAM DEVASI on March 25th, 2018 7:06 pm

    my nambar

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