Centre clears Rs 500cr for Barabanki-Rupaidiha highway

November 13, 2013



BAHRAICH: The Union rural road ministry has approved Rs 500 crores for the construction of roads on Barabanki-Rupaidiha National Highway (on Indo-Nepal border). The Lucknow unit of national highway construction plans to construct bypass in Bahraich city and Nanpara to prevent heavy vehicles from entering the city.
The project would be executed in two phases. Executive engineer SC Pathak, of national highway construction unit, said following that construction of highway would lead to an increased pressure of heavy vehicles on city roads. This would lead to traffic jams. “Hence, we have proposed construction of a bypass outside the city. We are already searching land for the same. The bypass would be construction on the land cleared by the government for acquisition to prevent entry of heavy vehicles in the city,” he said.

The executive engineer said that the pressure of heavy vehicles was more in Nanpara and added that the existing bypass would be modified.

Bahraich residents dream of development has been hit hard by pitiable condition of roads. The road linking the district to the state capital too is in a bad state.

The condition of road linking Barabanki to Rupaidiha on Indo-Nepal border too was quite bad. As a results, mishaps are quite common. A year ago patch work was undertaken to clear the road of potholes but in vain. Three years ago the road was acquired by National Highway Authority of India but that the change failed to bring about any change in its fortune.

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  1. Sharwan kumar Pathak on October 20th, 2014 3:34 pm

    we are listening since quite some time but till date nothing has moved forward in regard to construction of Barabanki Rupaidiha national high way. please appreciate the condition of the people living in Bahraich is pathetic & life have become hell. As we were listening that now NDA has taken over things will move faster but seems to be no change let any government should come in power. we do not ask moon from central & state government other than road which essential to mobilize the man & machine for agriculture & cultivation. we understand that Bahriach is backward district of UP and off shoring the country boarder with Nepal. I will be very thankful if current update is given.

  2. sarvesh verma on October 24th, 2014 4:02 pm

    Forest advisory committee in the environment ministry cleared the proposal and land aacquisition process has also been started as notice for acquisition also published in newspapers.

  3. Mohsin shamim on February 11th, 2015 8:35 am

    The worst place in india is the devipatan mandal . I request the NHAI to please pass fourlane between jarwal to barhni border people is suffering from many pain pls try to understand the feelings of common man who works day & night so that we can fulfill our needs the govt. has enough funds to do today I feel very sory for people of india ” ISSE BEHTAR TO HUM GULAAM HI HOTE ” this type of politics is a bullshit….

  4. Vinod Kumar Singh on June 25th, 2015 6:44 pm

    Road construction is working but quality is very poor.

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