CBD roads to stay good for 10 yrs

October 19, 2013


BANGALORE: The state cabinet on Thursday sanctioned Rs 78.8 crore to upgrade seven major roads in the central business district (CBD). TOI deconstructs the plan that seeks to facilitate smooth commute and redefine a vehicle user’s road experience.Road upgradation is part of the Tender Sure (Specification for Urban Road Execution) project, which sets high standards for laying and maintenance of roads. Of the 45 roads identified under the project, seven were given the go-ahead. The roads come with well-laid cycle tracks and enough space for pedestrians too. Hawking zones will also be marked out, depending on the width of the road.

The roads selected for upgradation are Cunningham Road, Mallya Hospital Road, Commissariat Road, St Mark’s Road, Residency Road, Richmond Road and Museum Road.


* Contractors to upgrade roads, take care of utilities like cables, pipelines

* Stringent measures to ensure work quality

* Independent authority to monitor road works

* Space for pedestrians, cyclists

* Road status to last for at least 10 years

Times View

It’s a grandiose plan: seven arterial city roads will be turned into showpiece streets. The cabinet has marked them out and set aside a huge sum for the project, and also placed the onus of maintenance on the contractor. These are roads which give Bangalore its reputation, so it’s imperative that they have enough space for the cyclist and pedestrian. While it’s good that the roads come with a guarantee of 10 years, it remains to be seen whether the plan will be followed up with solid action.

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