Case study: Here parking is a luxury

May 8, 2013

 Ritam Halder, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, May 08, 2013

 Case study: Here parking is a luxury


  Two prime spots in the Capital are doing their bit to discourage people from using their personal cars.

The parking lot at the Indira Gandhi International Airport can accommodate up to 4,300 vehicles. Yet its steep parking charges – Rs. 80 for half an hour, Rs. 160 for up to two hours, Rs. 80 for each subsequent hour and Rs. 1,050 for 24 hours – has been a deterrent for many.

 But airport officials claim the tariff is not meant to discourage people from using cars. “Despite the best possible facility, parking charges here are still less,” an official said.

Recently, the airport began charging on even private cars waiting in the pick-up lane at the domestic terminal 1C after five minutes. After that, an overstaying charge of Rs. 100 is levied for the next five minutes and every subsequent five minutes mean shelling out Rs. 50.

The official said the system was meant to reduce congestion and manage traffic.

At AIIMS campus, one has to pay Rs. 100 for parking for up to four hours. After that, Rs. 15 has to be paid for every subsequent hour. So even if you park for 10 minutes, be ready to shell out Rs. 100.

For many family members of patients and their visitors, the charges came as a rude shock. “I had visited an ailing colleague for just 15 minutes and had to pay Rs. 100. Had I know how exorbitant the rates were, I wouldn’t have brought my car,” said Ritesh Sharma, a resident of Vasant Kunj.

According to AIIMS officials, the move aims at discouraging people to park in the premises.

“Due to the space crunch, we have kept parking charges high. This helps in decongestion,” said Dr YK Gupta, AIIMS spokesperson.



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