1983 Revisited After 28 Years: India Wins ICC World Cup 2011

April 7, 2011

For the first time in the history of the cricket the hosting nation has won the world cup. India won the ICC cricket world cup for the first time in the year 1983 and after that it took 28 years for this team to win the cup for the nation again.

We are champions now!
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  1. MK DAMODARAN on April 11th, 2011 11:39 pm

    I thank God to see that my prediction on the WC final,based on numerology has been proved correct.India won by 6 wickets.Dhoni was born on July 7,1981.His fate number is 33 that adds up to 6.My prediction was based on the findings that Dhoni is influenced by numbers 2 and 7.I have been occasionally writing about this influence from the time Dhoni was appointed captain.
    It was on another Saturday that India lifted the ist Wc in 1983.The birth number of the then Indian captain Kapil Dev is 6.At the time of winning wc 1983,Kapil was 24 years that adds up to 6.Dhoni is now 29 years old. Number 29 adds up to 2.On April 2,2011,Dhoni is exactly 29 years and 270 days old.Addition of the figures give number 2!
    India won the Wc in the 3rd Wc.The 10th Wc is and 3rd WC differ by 7.
    ASIAN TRIBUNE published my prediction as follows:-
    Though Cricket World cup final unpredictable, Dhoni will be the 2nd captain to lift it for India
    Fri, 2011-04-01 00:58 — editor
    News Comments
    By M.K. Damaodaran, India
    India’s numerologist predicts that the results of the Cricket World Cup battle in the final are almost unpredictable. “Still I find that India will miraculously escape from the Lankan Tsunami and Dhoni will be the 2nd captain to lift the WC for India”.
    India defeated Pakistan in the semi-final by 29 runs. The occult number of MS Dhoni is 29.The Occult number of Indian coach Gary Kirsten is 29.The Occult number of Sakshi Rawat-wife of Dhoni-is 29.
    Dhoni is now 29 years old. He was born on July 7; 1981.He married at 29.By virtue of his birth, Dhoni is highly influenced by numbers 2/7. Apart from that, his Zodiacal sign is ruled by numbers 2/7. The name “Ms Dhoni” carries 7 characters. Just 3 examples-out of many-showing the influence of 2/7 in the life of Dhoni.
    On February 20, 2008 he topped the million dollar bids(2+0=2).The Test series against SA began on December 16(1+5=7).On December 29 India won against SA.
    The final of ICC World Cup 2011 is on April 2-the lucky date of Dhoni.
    It was in 1983 that India won the World Cup. The year 1983 represented 3.
    Interestingly, it was the 3rd World Cup. Kapil Dev was the captain. His occult number is 30 that add up to 3.
    The birth number of Kapil is 6.He was 24 years (2+4=6) when India won. See,Dhoni is now 29!
    It is the 10th WC. So,India can win the 10th WC- the 7th WC after the 3rd WC, as number 7 is lucky for Dhoni.
    This is the 6th WC of Sachin. Numbers 3/6/9 are highly lucky for sachin. On March 24 Sachin crossed the 18000 landmark.
    On March 12, Sachin scored his 6th Century in WC. Earlier in this WC he become the first batsman to cross 2000 runs limit .Also, he became the first batsman to score five hundreds in this WC .
    He created four records in this WC-his 6th WC.
    Sachin Tendulkar was born on April 24,1973. His birth number is 6(2+4=6).His Zodiacal Sign is Taurus owned by planet Venus represented by number 6.
    His Test debut was on November 15,1989(1+5=6).
    He was adjudged International Player of the Year on Oct 6. Interestingly,the name Sachin contains 6 characters. The name Sachin Tendulkar 15(1+5=6) characters.
    The final of the WC 2011 on April 2 will be influenced by the lucky number 2 of Dhoni and lucky number 6 of Sachin.
    What about the other side? For some years I have been fascinated by the tremendous influence of number 4 and 8 (especially 8) on Muttiah Muralitharan. Number 8 is represented by Saturday.Planet Saturn rules Saturday.
    April 2 falls on Saturday. Besides, at the time of the final the Moon will be in the 26th (2+6=8) constellation-uthara phalguni. Owner of this star is Saturn.
    So,April 2 is lucky for Murali in another way. Also,certain astrological factors indicate that Murali is better placed than Dhoni and Sachin.
    Numbers 2 and 6-of Dhoni and Sachin respectively-are found to be exerting influences on predictable lines. But number 8 of Murali is quite unpredictable. It gives the best and inflicts the worst!
    Conclusion:-April 2 is lucky for Dhoni and Sachin in different numerological ways. The day is equally lucky for Muttiah Muralitharan in another way. His fate number is 31 that adds up to 4.The year 2011 represents 4.The fate number of Sachin is 3.He is in the 21st (2+1=3) year of cricket career.
    The WC 2011 is the last WC of Murali and Sachin.
    Taking into considerations of various numerological and astrological factors it is found that the battle in the final is almost beyond prediction. Still I find that India will miraculously escape from the Lankan Tsunami and Dhoni will be the 2nd captain to lift the WC for India.
    - Asian Tribune -
    MK DAMODARAN,numerologist,edayannur-post,kannur dist,kerala,670595,mob:9496971228
    This writer has been doing research in numerology for the last 22 years.Findings and predictions published in several Indian and foreign news papers.Amateur in this field.Those interested can search:”damodarannumerology”/mk damodaran/numbercruncher blogs/numbermaniac/damodaran17numerology

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