You can zip through NICE corridor in a year

December 2, 2013

Rohith B R,TNN |

BANGALORE: Thousands of motorists and bikers using the Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) owned by Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (NICE) have a reason to cheer . The 41-km stretch of the expressway connecting Hosur Road , Bannerghatta Road , Kanakapura Road , Mysore Road , Magadi Road and Tumkur Road will be concretized in a year . About 70,000 passenger carrying units (PCUs) ply on the expressway daily .

NICE spokesperson Manjunath Nayaker said the idea is to provide commuters with a better riding experience and ensure the road lasts for long .

“We are using the Concrete Rigid Pavement method where the concrete pavement is laid in bonding with the existing asphalted pavement . It is done by milling (removing ) the top surfaceof the asphalted pavement . These roads are beneficial to users as they reduce operational costs and fuel consumption ,” he explained .

Manjunath said as part of a pilot project , select stretches , including a 4-km stretch of PRR between the clover-leaf interchange at Sompura towards MysoreRoad ,have already been concretized . The same method has been employed to concretize the 9.1-km Link Road connecting Outer Ring Road near PES College with the NICE Corridor at Sompura ,” he added .

Engineers with LR Kadiyali and Associates , in-charge of the concretization , said the method promises a durable road that lasts up to 60 years .

The advantages

Concrete surface will improve users’ safety since there won’t be potholes Will improve visibility To cut down operational expenditure, including cost of vehicle maintenance Cooler concrete surface will reduce heat-island effect in urban areas Using existing asphalted road as the base leads to less generation of debris that would have ended up in landfills.

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