The Indian Toll Collection Machinery Needs An Immediate Revamp

June 15, 2015

With the growth in the number of vehicles the need for expansive roads catering to thousands of vehicles moving across India has become inevitable. However, considering the present situation the current toll system has several drawbacks. Due to the limited number of toll booths and slow collection process, the average waiting time per vehicle is 10 minutes. This results in loses worth thousands of cores of Rupees in terms of fuel wastage. This long  wait time often results in  drivers  getting irritated resulting in  verbal spats and physical fights among people and the toll attendants. Several such incidents have been reported in the press   with some of these  fights  even resulting in the death of the toll plaza attendants.

In addition, there are numerous cases of toll plaza accidents which happen due to the sudden lane changing by drivers for faster clearance. The major reason behind this is that, the security at the tolls is insufficient and it is beyond the traffic police’s control to manage the vast number of vehicles. We keep hearing of many such mishaps at toll plazas which mostly occur due to negligence either on the people’s side or due to lack of control from  the government agencies including the police.. In case of events, where lives are lost, such losses are a  life shattering experience.

As is well known, in such a scenario, the general public is a little hesitant in taking responsibilities of any such mishap. Hence it is incumbent on s the government to come up with an effective plan which bridges the gap between the toll management and the public expectation of the service that they experience. Introduction of an effective toll plaza operation plan by the government, its strict implementation and monitoring which would result in a more efficient and a  more responsive and efficient system could be a good option for easing the challenges associated with the existing  tolling process.

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  1. SURENDRA GEDAM on June 28th, 2015 12:21 pm

    Toll plaza is a mirror, where real face of commuters reflect. If we see earlier days we have to travel through rough roads, time taking journey ,accident on roads due to single lane or two lane road, No facility on road, no crane nor ambulance, no public utilities. But now every thing has changed now. It has become safer journey, time saving, saving in fuel, enjoyment in travelling , availability of basic amenities, ambulance, cranes. It is now hassle free travelling. If we compare what toll we are paying and what facilities we are being provided and at the cost of life safety, its nothing.
    Still people are hesitant to pay toll. They used to fight with Toll operator for trivial issues. NHAI/PWD rules are stringent, which makes Toll operator to do away from illegal things. People use to loose patience at toll plaza for small delay, where as earlier they were waiting long to pass a train, without complaint . At toll plaza man’s real face reflect, it leads to fight with Toll operator, damaging toll plaza and making national loss.
    On other side also there is a need to educate toll plaza staff how to behave with vehicle owner ,politely behaviour, educating about traffic. Toll operator also need to have basic knowledge of motor vehicle act, NHAI act.
    Military act 1901 ACT after 115 years also they expect exemptions by referring this Act. Military Act 1901 was for during war or war like situation. Still few military people fight at toll for exemptions to private truck carrying their house hold good during their transfer. Few Military people fight at toll when they move in personal car not for official duties.
    Government officials also demand concession for their vehicle when they are on pleasure trips.
    Local politician demand to their commercial vehicle. These are the examples who blocks the road for trivial matter and makes other journey miserable.
    If we want hassle free traffic at toll plaza we need to have proper training to toll plaza as well to public also.
    It is also observed that state/centre authority , Police also not that much supportive in case of any agitation, disturbances at Toll plaza. It is the responsibility of government to provide full protect to plaza staff as well as to protect government property.
    Toll plaza’s are place where criminals entry can be traced, theft can be nabbed with the help of CCTV camera’s. Suspicious activity also can be seen by CCTV cameras. Criminals can not run away easily as they have to slow down the vehicle speed. Crimes can be controlled by deploying police staff at toll plaza, which is helpful to both plaza operator as well to police and public also.

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  3. Sanjeev on September 1st, 2015 2:08 pm

    Why there should be need for toll when you already take
    - Income Tax
    - Sales Tax
    - Road Tax
    -Service Tax

    Putting such additional hurdle to road not only delays the whole traffic but also cause fuel wastage .
    Check on Faridabad Gurgaon Road in Haryana. Where toll crossing takes more than 15-30 mins in morning and as well as evening.

    There is lot of caios and accidents which happen on this road
    Still Haryana Govt. decided to increase the toll rather than scrapping it.

    BR Sanjeev

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    The Indian Toll Collection Machinery Needs An Immediate Revamp : Indian Tollways…

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  6. vishnu kumar kushwah on February 14th, 2016 9:41 pm

    very good

  7. Metro Infrasys on April 12th, 2019 11:55 am

    Metro Infrasys offers a combination of technologies and techniques to help you centrally manage toll operations using a single integrated solution and above all enhance road safety for a better expressway experience in its advance tolling system.
    The concept of toll collection is devised to raise funds for roads, especially for the highways, which enables to recover the capital invested in the construction and meet expenses to repair and maintain the roads. Also, toll operation is a process that reduces the tax burden on local taxpayers and charges the road users instead.

    Over the years, the technological advancement has changed the spare of toll management system. The Indian toll operation system got a face-lift when Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System was introduced in 2013. Since then the commissioners have been able to overcome the challenge of long queues and save users time.

  8. Metro Infrasys on April 12th, 2019 11:56 am

    With technologies like Automatic Vehicle Classification System (AVCS), Weigh in Motion, RIFD system, we offer a unique, effective and yet very simple Electronic Toll Collection System. Our toll management system also gathers data on traffic volumes, vehicle classifications, vehicle speeds, the collected fares and sends you detailed reports.

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