The India Infrastructure Dialogue

September 21, 2011

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  1. Daljit Singh Khokhar on September 22nd, 2011 12:26 pm

    Parameters of Road Construction

    I feel ashamed when the Government blames rain and monsoon the cause of water logging and road damages. Our ISI and IRC CRRI are making code of practice for road construction so weak that the roads do not stand for one monsoon. It is direct slap on the engineers engaged in the field of the road construction not the nature.We have strong standards and specifications but fail miserably to adopt them in practice. If the roads are made with due consideration of design keeping in mind the MSA (Million Single Axle ) and CBR (California Bearing Ratio ) for the city and district roads also,the road will go smoothly for 10 to 15 years. Now a days the traffic has increase many fold and similarly the MSA load has to be considered for all district and city and residential areas like Expressway design .

    Third party stage inspection should be mandatory to follow the construction NORMS and ensure quality of the road.

    The Storm Water Drains must be made actually and not on papers only.These Storm water drains must be duly connected with Rain Water Harvesting wells and or lagoons to conserve water and help improving the ground water level. The entire work should be taken up simultaneously. The storm water or rain water should in no way be connected to the existing Sewer line. When laying or planning a road construction all the three works should be accounted for and the budget should be provided at a time. The Corporations are miserably failing to adhere to the specifications and there is no control of quality construction by the Contractors. This is is main reason that roads donot bear the rain/monsoon.

    CRRI should educated the Corporation Engineers to adopt the modern methods and making use of improved equipment and basic tests for measuring roughness ,profile ,impact values ,thickness,ratio of WBM, BM,and PC of the road materials.The life of the roads will improve appreciably and there will be very little impact of rain and traffic density.

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