Post Event Coverage- 20th -ITS WORLD CONGRESS, TOKYO,15th -17th October-Venue @Tokyo International Forum and Tokyo Big Sight venues in Tokyo

October 24, 2013


15th -17th October,2013

Venue -Tokyo International Forum and Tokyo Big Sight venues in Tokyo

Day One- 15thOctober,2013

Two decades back the  the first ITS World Congress was staged in Paris…The Wheel of time /clock taken a full circle and  has  hit the right venue Tokyo ! There  can be  no better stage to hold the ITS  Wold Congress after 20 years.

For long Tokyo, Japan has been spearheading the ITS industry.

Kazumasa Fujie the board member of the Japan Organizing committee bade a warm farewell to the delegates as the curtain came down .

The gauging scale of the Tokyo world congress has called for a strong walking shoes  about exhibition area itself is self explanatory that a s many as 229 exhibitors have taken space and  visitors from more than 60 Countries  attended the exhibition.

The large exhibition an conference complimented the showcasing of wide range of  vehicle and technology demonstration both within the main big sight exhibition arena as well outside area.

The exhibitors included automated and driving and advance systems which aims to eliminate traffic accidents , congestion and cruise control/ automatic emergency braking  a pedestrian collision avoidance support system specially  low speed areas.

The Japanese took this occasion and made full use of the opportunity offered in this 20th Edition keeping an eye on the past achievements to showcase the extraordinary  progress made by this industry of the future.

Thee first day saw the official opening ceremony for the ITS World Congress and the next day began in a earnest fashion the exhibition arena and conferences took place with full enthusiasm. With major Traffic Management and Next gen mobility and sustainability , intermodal and Multi-modal  systems for the public and goods took place in a grand manner. As many as 1000 papers were delivered over 250 sessions.


Day Two -16Th October,2013

Ha:mo Toyotas  Harmonious mobility network already popular in Tokyo .. came alive in the 2nd Day..This technology is a find of sorts…a boon to the public and community  making transportation people – and community

Friendly… There are two services rendered by Ha;mo : Ha:mo Navi which gives route guidance and Ha:mo Ride a ride sharing system featuring ultra compact vehicle (EV).  Compactness factor- Ha:mo Ride EV Prototype ,called the i-Road, was on display at the Toyota Pavilion along with the current model Toyota COMS. Toyota COMS is designed  for short distance .COMS –Personal Mobility EV’s are on the road in Tokyo as part of Ha:mo Ride Programme..The Ha:mos provides its  own charging stations to the users.Ha:mo has increased  its charging stations from 4 to 21 in 2013. It has ride sharing network which is designed to integrate very well with public Transportation thus enabling users  to smoothly transform from one transport to the other as well as improving traffic flow and minimizing the emission ..

i-Road is the next Gen vehicle . For Hamo ride is a 3 Wheel single passenger prototype-a hybrid  between a motorcycle and car- which offers shorter battery charging time , great comfort  and to make parking easier its desingned as narrow as 850mm design which makes parking the vehicle a wonderful experience. i-Road is expected to hit the Tokyo roads as a part of Ha:mo RIDE as early as 2014.


Day Three -17 th October,2013

The latest Group of Outstanding members of the ITS Family have been inducted into the hall of Fame. He world  congress was the venue for the announcement  of the new members to Hall of fame, recognizing outstanding services in helping to develop systems and solutions for the ITS industry together with benefits for Consumers. Nine individual and organizations were names . The three regions –ITS Asia –Pacific, ITS America and Ertico- each nominated one individual, ne private sectors company and one local government organization to cover the public sector. Delegates to the World Congress applauded as the identities were made public.

Hall of Fame inductees –



1.ITS America- Harry Voccola, Navteq,

2.ITS Asia-Pacific- Dr.C.K.Macko, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

Ertico-Risto Kulmala, Finnish Transport Agency


1.ITS America: Econolite,Centracs ATMS (Advanced Transport Management Systems)

ITS- Asia Pacific: Transport Certification Australia,

Ertico: Vitronic,Romania


ITS America:Oregon Department of Transportation , US

ITS Asia –Pacific- Seoul Metropolitan Government-TOPIS,South Korea

Ertic: Grand Lyon, France.

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