Noise barrier for Pedder Road flyover

December 5, 2013


MUMBAI: The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation ( MSRDC) has been asked to take steps to curb noise, control air pollution and streamline traffic before work begins on the Pedder Road flyover. The suggestions were given by the expert appraisal committee (EAC) for projects related to infrastructure development, CRZ, at its 128 meeting on November 29. While recommending granting of Environmental clearance, the EAC stipulated conditions that will have to be fulfilled during the project work.The 4.2 km long Pedder Road Flyover is starting from North side of Haji Ali junction on Lala Lajpatrai Road and ends at Wilson Collegeon Girgaum Chowpatty.The present proposal is for adding additional four lanes on the existing corridor of Pedder Road. This will provide additional and faster vehicle movement for the southern and northern axis traffic.

This will facilitate easy movement of traffic below and over the flyover and which will reduce air and noise pollution in the corridor.

The EAC has stipulated that should install Noise Barrier System during construction and post construction phase on the alignment of the project. Also, thick vegetation cover should be wherever required for attenuation of noise.

It also asked that stationary construction equipment will be placed away from the habitation and asphalt and hot mix plants shall not be installed at site.

It said, “Noise generating construction activities like drilling, compacting etc. should be carried out only during day time in residential areas.

Besides construction contract specifications should specify use of less noise generating equipments

As regards air pollution, the EAC said, “Fugitive dust entertainment will be controlled by sprinkling water and eco gadgets like solar-powered city air purifiers shall be mounted on street light poles.”

In order to reduce congestion during the work, the EAC said, “The Project Proponent shall use Composite Structures for the construction of the flyover to tghe maximum possible extant. Construction material as well as excavated material should be disposed off or shifted only during the night time when the traffic will be much less. ”

For Construction of Super Structure Pre-cast Segmental construction technology would be adopted, while for in-situ construction, a movable Scaffold System construction method shall be adopted. Thus the construction of piles and substructure shall use only a small part of the lane for a few days, it pointed.

EAC also stipulated that adequate construction boards, portable traffic signs, Chevron Signs, Road Marker Signs, Central lights & linkers on Barricades, etc will be put-up uniformly across near the construction and barricading all along the effective stretch of the proposed road.

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