National Highways Authority of India to induct outside professionals

September 3, 2013


NEW DELHI: The Parliament approved a bill seeking to increase the number of members of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) by inducting professionals from outside, with the Rajya Sabha passing it with voice vote on Tuesday.Induction of outside professionals is expected to enhance the capacity of the NHAI to take strategic decision, widen its perspective, bring in the best management practices, and assist in achieving the goal of higher private participation.


The National Highways Authority of India (Amendment) Bill, 2012 was passed in the Lok Sabha in September last year.

At present the NHAI consists of a chairman, up to five full-time members and up to four part-time members. The Bill seeks to expand the Authority and it will now consist of a chairman, up to six full-time members and six part-time members.

It mandates that at least two of the part-time members must be non-government professionals with knowledge or experience in financial management, transportation planning or any other relevant discipline.




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