Misbehaving of Security personnel and delay in passing

October 21, 2013


From: Balasubramanian M. Iyer
Subject: Misbehaving of Security personnel and delay in passing

Message Body:
This is in furtherance to my below mail of 24th May 2013 relating to earlier incident of 17th May 2013 whereby due to irregular arrangement at your Toll Plaza self sufferred loss which have been sorted out amicably is now past affairs.

Now within a span of 5 months another shamful incident occurred on 18.10.2013 midnight (from 2300 hrs. 2400 hrs) at your above said Toll Plaza whereby the security personnel posted by your Department; who were on DRUNKEN MODE attacked my Office colleagues without any wrong doing by us.

Gist of incident:

Around 2300 hrs. on 18.10.2013 while we are returning from our Office duty at Sikka (we are working for Reliance at their RJMT, Port) the Toll booth is closed and no attendee is there to collect cash. (FYI we are having permanent monthly paid card). As we were so tired and reaching Jamnagar by late and are planning to attend duty next day due to closing of collecting point, upon wating of 10 minutes, we alongwith other vehicles behind us tried to push the ENTRY STICK by side as nobody is attending the booth at time, some security personnels blocked our march and thrashed us which created a noisy scene which is unwarranted.

The things become more worse and Police crom City of Jamnagar have intevened over phone as at that time of incident in police post no personnel available.

This type of incident is badly affecting your brand name L&T as a whole and DUE TO NON MANAGING THE BOOTH WITH WELL EDUCATED PERSONNEL BY YOU IS the result of worst adminstration on your part.

Earlier we have suggested to your Mr. Yashsish Trivedi to allot two entry points for Heavy vehicle and 4 for medium vehicle which fallen on deaf ears of your management. It clearly shows letharginess in manning the Toll Plaza by you and similar types of incidents has been occurred in past month too and no remedial action has been taken.

Submitted please for prompt action and improvement.

Mobile: 9725281857


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  1. Rajendra panjiyara on March 24th, 2019 9:21 pm

    Respected sir/mam,
    I am Rajendra panjiyara from Indian air force posted at scheunderabad , want to inform You that while going to Tirupati and coming back to scheunderaad our toll tax person detain 30 min mean while the reason was they as asking for the original ID card , as per rule of Indian air force deosited our ID card before 6 month proceeding on discharge .

  2. Nirbhay saroha on November 2nd, 2019 1:46 pm

    I’m working for indian railway and i have been abused by a security gaurd and after i complained they just turned the thing on me because he was a relative of some police inspector
    Just tell who gave free access to local police while off duty, and someone who is relative of some long relative

    I has brutally insulted on nh9, rohad tollway by security incharge mr phogat and his buddies which were not even from nhai, india
    Naming kuldeep the barricade opener and the srcurity guy sumit, which had put on duty for free passage for thier personal introduction personnel

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