Editorial:Ways of Pilferage

July 1, 2014


Mr. Nipun Soni is Management Graduate with over 15 years of experience and in depth knowledge of BOT plus front line experience of toll operation, sales and customer service. He was a part of mobilization team of 2 BOT Projects (Delhi Gurgaon and Bangalore elevated Toll way Limited) plus setting the system and procedure for the biggest Point of Sale Operations in India at Delhi Gurgaon Super Connectivity Ltd, also he was involved in setting up and mobilizing the operations for Multi-Level Car Parking ( capacity of 4300 cars ) in Delhi International Airport . He is involved in setting up SOP and ensuring the implementation of the same across various concessionaires.

Mr. Soni has been involved in Setting up of establishments, right from back end to front end to delivery i.e. Equipment Design, Procurement to Installation and Commissioning of the Project .Involved in starting Commercial operations and stabilizing Operations and Maintenance and meeting expectation of the Management with Optimization of Revenue while maintaining good health of Project and good relations across with the Client and Customer while meeting all social obligations.

Editorial:Ways of Pilferage



Grey Areas

Checks that can be put in place

1. Extra Wide Lane / Two Wheeler Lane 

  • The extra wide lane is just protected by plastic barricades creating a gap for two wheeler / three wheeler to pass by.
  • From the same any four wheeler can easily pass by without activating the AVC thus avoiding deduction in the System
  • The extra wide lane to be barricaded and a Lane Warden sits there to ensure that all the four wheeler vehicle pass through the lane and not through two wheeler lane
  • The Toll Supervisor can see from the control room if any vehicle passes through the same.
  • The HO monitoring team has been given instructions to monitor extra wide lanes specially between 7 pm and 9 am and report any vehicle that passes through the same or if the focus of the camera is shifted
  • To have kerb stone placed in the lane so that any four wheelers cannot pass through the same without one wheel touching the treadle, thus coming up in the AVC as count.
  • To install traffic counter so that the count of the vehicles crossing the extra wide lane is also registered


2. Exemption 

  • The Toll Collector will show the paid transaction as Exemption and pocket the amount
  • All the exemption being routed through Toll Supervisor.
  • The Toll Collector has to take the permission of the Toll Supervisor for all the exemptions.
  • After the permission he fills in the incident log and the Toll Supervisor also notes the same down.
  • End of the shift the Exemptions as per T.C sheet and as per Toll Supervisor and system should match.
3. Violations 

  • The TC might take the money from the user and allow it to pass by as violation.
  • The violations are segregated as paid and not paid violation.
  • The APM cross checks and verifies if the same were Paid or not paid violations which is further signed of by PM
  • Random checks from HO during site visit on the violations transactions.


4. Local LCV & Truck 

  • The T.C might develop alliance with the non-local LCV or truck and pass them as Local
  • The T.C checks the following documents – Bilti, R.C of the vehicle.
  • In case of any doubt he then asks the Toll Supervisor permission.
  • The Toll Supervisor send the Lane Assistant / Executive Security to verify the same .
  • If passed as local the T.C then keeps the bilti as records with him and submits at the end of the shift to the Toll Supervisor.
  • In the absence of the Bilti he mentions the same and gets the counter sign of the Executive Security after approval of Toll Supervisor.
  • End of the shift the system report and bilti are reconciled.
  • Random checks on the T.C with high local transaction regularly by the APM.


5. Bar Code Transaction 

  • The T.C might develop alliance with any vehicle and show the transaction as bar code transaction after memorizing and punching the number and pocketing the amount
  • The vehicle might change the barcode and use the same bar code for different vehicles of same class
  • But in case of heavy traffic the T.C asks the user themselves for the vehicle number and enters in the system and if the user has taken the barcode from different user then he will say the number of the vehicle to whom the barcode was issued and hence there will be no mismatch be the class is same and vehicle will pass.


  • All the barcode transactions are cross checked by the acting APM next day in the morning.
  • The trend of the barcode transactions are being monitored in H.O. I.e the trend of MJ tkt issued and the barcode used are monitored closely.
  • The system if the wrong number is entered the system shows “number mis match”.
  • Checks being done by APM on the same vehicle number being used more than 4 times.
  • To have ALPR installed in the lanes so that the camera picks up the vehicle number and the T.C cannot enter any number
6. Tamper with the System 

  • The T.C can liaise with the TMS provider and tamper the system.
  • The T.C might shift the focus of the camera so that the Toll Supervisor cannot see his activities.
  • Will open the boom and let the vehicle pass after collecting money.
  • Will shut down the AVC.
  • Change the tariff rate in the system
  • Delete the data from the system


  • Chances next to nil as for tampering with system entire team has to be involved in that shift. With the staff staying close by there is always fear that any one might come.
  • If the AVC is off then all the vehicle will come as violation thus Toll supervisor will have to validate all the transactions hence even if the T.C tried to take advantage of the same he will be penalized as shortage once the Toll Supervisor over rules his decision.
  • No body at site has right to Database at site.
  • For any interference or even logging in at the server an even log is generated and thus any attempt to change the data base is recorded
  • On Audit from HO if any one goes the event log of the system to be checks randomly.
7. Vehicles 

  • The site team might misuse the vehicle i.esay that they are doing site visit but might use it for personal visits
  • Log Book maintained and signed by the user.
  • GPS installed in the vehicles except PM vehicle




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