10 Key Factors That Contribute To Develop ‘Smart Cities’ In India

January 6, 2015

BANGALORE: As the global population continues to grow at a steady pace, more and more people are moving to cities every day. Cities are referred as the engines of economic growth and ‘The National Democratic Alliance’ government’s decision to develop 100 “Smart Cities” in the country has brought the focus on smart cities concept.

What is a smart city? Smartness in city means smart design, smart utilities, smart housing, smart mobility, and smart technology. There is need for the cities to get smarter to manage complexity, increase efficiency, reduce expenses, and improve quality of life. Here are 10 factors that make a city really smart as compiled by ‘Rediff.com’.

1. Mobility
Most of the cities have gone rapid motorization and this has lead to congestion, increasing energy bills, road accidents and poor air quality. Ease of being able to move from place to place and sound transport system is at the core of a “Smart City”.

The smart transport system emphasizes walking, cycling and public transport as the primary means  for mobility with personal motor vehicles being discouraged.

2. Utility Services
Reliable, adequate and high quality utility services like electricity, sanitation and ICT are part of a  smart city. Similarly, municipal services such as water supply, drainage, solid waste management  are of very high quality and available round the clock.

A Smart City cannot have only a few hours of water supply a day or electricity that goes off for  several hours or the streets littered with garbage.


Source:Silicon India News

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