Chennai’s Kathipara Flyover to be completed by Mar 30

February 16, 2008

The construction of the Kathipara Flyover in Chennai finally seems to be heading somewhere. Kathipara Junction is one of the busiest points of the city. It could be called the Gateway of Chennai. Almost all the traffic that comes from the airport has to pass through this point. So, in that sense it is the most important part of the city.

There was a flyover which was proposed in 2004 to bring down the congestion of traffic. The completion date was 2007. But it is still not complete and is delayed by almost one year. It is learnt from the National Highway Authority of India that within two months, the flyover will be in place and the traffic would be diverted from the airport to this flyover.

There are controversies surrounding the junction. The Tamil Nadu Road Development Corporation was initially given the responsibility of this project. But because of the delay they were pulled out from it. The project also got stuck because of land acquisition problems. Some of the lands were supposed to be acquired from Defence, which they were not ready to vacate.

It is learnt from sources that they have still not vacated the land. That is why NHAI has to go for a complete change in the plan. But officials are saying that March 30 is the deadline and hopefully they will be completing it by then.


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