Paving the Roads to Socio Economic Growth 20th July 2012, New Delhi

May 31, 2012

Paving the Roads to Socio Economic growth

20th July 2012, New Delhi

 Roads & Highways scenario

Roads and highways is more than an identifiable thoroughfare, route, way or path to connect between places; it is a corridor with the ability to bring about social, political and economic change. Achieving sustainability and capitalising on the vast investment, social and commercial opportunities by examining conceptual and technological advancements for future development to encompass today’s changing world, its growing diversity and complexity.


Roads for inclusive development

Objectives of the conference

EPC World Media group is organising the one day conference with the objectives to guide, promote, share and highlight the strategies and opportunities in planning, construction, financing and managing the road network to maintain the much needed connectivity to growth. The conference will have presentations by the industry leaders, policy makers and decision makers on the following topics:

Key topics during the conference

Session – 1   Policy & land acquisition

  • National Highways Development programme – NHDP
  • Ambitious road development vision (Target v/s achieved)
  • Trends in road development
  • Expenditure in terms of Road revenue for Roads & Highways
  • Capacity augmentation and skill development for trained and skilled manpower
  • Contractual conditions & Model Concession Agreements (MCA)
  • Synergy of efforts for land acquisitions between state government and NHAI
  • Delay in project award and implementation due to existing environmental policy

Session – 2   Intelligent transportation system, sustainable design & construction technology

  • Roads & Highways designing (design & load planning)
  • Traffic modeling (routing, operation & Road Safety)
  • Safety management techniques & speed management
  • Traffic engineering innovations, road design and behavioral issues
  • Integrated toll management system
  • Construction products & raw material (Bitumen, Modified bitumen, Geosynthetic etc.)
  • Road construction equipment
  • Specification & best construction practices
  • Smart & green road technology
  • Utilization of alternate & sustainable materials in road construction
  • Sustainable & high performance roads

Session – 3   Public Private Partnerships & financing initiatives

  • Making cost estimation more realistic
  • Funding options & constraints (state funding, debt, equity, PPP)
  • Road asset management (ownership & maintenance)
  • Planning, financing and economics of low-volume roads
  • Impact of foreign direct investment in road development sector
  • Legal issues & challenges in road projects

Who should attend the conference

Participants of Paving the Roads to Socio Economic growth conference consists of all the stakeholders representing the:

  • Government agencies
  • Policy makers
  • Technology developers
  • Service providers
  • Companies in Infrastructure & Construction sector
  • Raw material supplier
  • Logistics companies
  • Road machinery & equipment providers
  • Professionals & consultants
  • Academic and research community

Benefit of attending the conference

The technical sessions, networking opportunities serve as perfect platform for decision makers, Suppliers, user community, technology developers, service providers, contractors, researchers to:

  • Discuss successful case studies
  • Share knowledge and experiences
  • Financing options for the projects
  • Know about the emerging business opportunities
  • Gain first-hand information on strategic decision-making process
  • International norms, standard, executions and challenges etc.


The EPC World Media group is a one stop knowledge information hub for Infrastructure, Construction and Realty sector. It strives to promote, propagate and assist the decision and policy makers from government and private organisations along with the technology developers and service providers to enhance and develop their capabilities, policies.

The EPC World Media group facilitates knowledge transfer to grassroots and strengthens their productivity and management capabilities for the benefit of society at large through its key platforms:

Print media

  • EPC World (monthly magazine focusing on Infrastructure & Construction sector development)
  • Projects World

Online media


  • Industry recognition awards – EPC World Awards, Architects’ Choice Awards

(Recognising the Infrastructure & Construction Industry for their contribution to this sector)

  • B2B conference (H2O World, Metrorail World, Rail Vision 2020, Realty India 2012)

For more details on the conference please log on to the:


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