Hit the road: Infrastructure growth is revving up

February 29, 2008

The indian infrastructure story is just waiting to unfold. It is a foregone conclusion that the need for infrastructure to facilitate economic growth in India, both immediate and long-term , is ever more pressing. The growth rates witnessed in the Indian economy today are indicative of the change to follow —infrastructure has been expanding at an accelerated pace to support the economic growth rate of 9%. India’s infrastructure development has so far been predominantly financed publicly. The urgent need of the hour is an enhanced approach that would create a balance between public and private sector roles, complemented by transparent public policies. The Government has already taken many proactive measures such as opening up a number of infrastructure sectors to private players , permitting foreign direct investment (FDI) into various sectors, introducing model concession agreements and taking up projects such as the National Maritime Development Programme and National Highway Development Project, among others. The next four to five years will witness implementation of some key infrastructure projects such as additional power generation capacity of 70,000 MW; development of 16 million hectares through irrigation works; modernisation and redevelopment of four metro and 35 non-metro airports; six-laning 6,500 km of Golden Quadrilateral and selected National Highways. Focus will be on key infrastructure sectors of highways, ports, airports, railways and power. Having been part of the Indian infrastructure history, we at GVK have always believed that the key to developing a sustainable infrastructure in India is to build for the future. India will see an investment to the tune of $500 billion in infrastructure in the next five years. Coupled with government support, this investment will fructify in the form of key infrastructure projects to strengthen India’s cities. The next four years will bring a sea change in infrastructure and as a result, in another ten years, we will see the emergence of a new India. Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com

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