September 5, 2013

Hindustan Times (Delhi) /Garima Vohra  

It is an ordeal to wait for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses in South Extension-1. To begin with, there are too many bus stops within a few metres. “The drivers halt the bus according to their will and there choice of bus stop. One has to run from one bus stop to another to catch the same bus as the buses do not halt at the designated bus stops,” says Srikh Mandal, a resident of South Extension-1. Adds Jyotsana Marwah, a college student, “We keep signalling the driver to stop but the bus stops only when they want. None of the drivers follows any rules. If there is already a bus, the other drivers halt either a few metres away from the bus stop or in the middle of the road.” “The ACs of many buses do not work though the passengers have to pay more fare,” adds Harpreet Singh, a resident of Andrews Ganj. “Two bus stops have been removed due to Metro construction. But buses still stop at that place. As a result, passengers have started waiting for buses at these points. Since there is no bus stop, during rush hours, passengers come up to the middle of the road to catch a bus,” says Singh. “Many drivers and conductors have been challaned for turning up for duty without proper uniform. Currently, the biggest challenge for the DTC is to get homeguards. Around 89 night buses were given homeguards for safety but not a single one




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