Shortage of traffic cops leads to fewer challans

August 17, 2013

Aditya Dev, TNN |


GURGAON: Severe shortage of traffic cops seems to be the reason behind the number of fines issued for traffic violations in Gurgaon taking a nosedive this year. Registering a 22% decline, traffic cops issued only 1,94,202 challans in the first seven months (January- July) of 2013 compared to 2,49,727 in the corresponding period of 2012.While the city has close to 300 traffic cops on duty, at least 700 more are required to keep an eye on the increasing number of violators. Out of the 300 cops on duty, there are few constables and head constables, who are actually responsible for managing the traffic.Traffic cops issued 55,525 less challans in 2013 (January-July) compared to the corresponding period in 2012 with a considerable decline in the number of challans issued for wrong parking, driving without helmet and not wearing seat belt.

While wrong parking continues to be the major traffic problem, the number of challans issued for the offence has dropped by almost 50% this year. Similarly, there is nearly one-third decrease in the number of challans issued for driving without helmet and seat belt.

Parking is a serious issue in Gurgaon with the failure of the civic agencies to provide adequate parking spaces. Whether it is MG Road, Golf Course Road or Udyog Vihar, vehicle owners jostle for space to park their vehicles. In most cases, they are forced to park on road sides. Even challans issued for traffic offences like speeding, use of tinted glasses on four-wheelers, wrong side driving, among others, were less compared to last year.

The Supreme Court had banned the use of tinted glasses on vehicles in May last year. The traffic police conducted a special drive to implement the Apex Court directions and fined 7,359 vehicle owners between January and July, 2012. This year, the figure has reduced to 1,586 for the corresponding period of time.

On the other hand, traffic police have tightened the noose on autorickshaw drivers for rash driving and also on commuters who do not follow traffic signals. During special drives, cops are issuing 300-400 challans against auto drivers for various traffic offences.

The number of challans  issued for not following traffic signals has jumped from 12,278 in 2012 to 21,622 this year.




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