Parking chaos, garbage on pavements in Bhikaji Cama Place

September 5, 2013

Hindustan Times (Delhi)


As it is, those who have their offices in Bhikaji Cama Place are facing problems due to a crunch in the parking space. The pavements, the service lanes and the backlanes are being used for parking. But at present, there is another problem that the people visiting the area or those who have their offices in the area are facing.

(    (Garbage is dumped in the areas meant for parking.)

Most of the parking space along the main road is being wasted because garbage is being dumped on the pavements. “Since the garbage is dumped in the middle of the parking space, a lot of space is wasted. Some people come in early just to get parking space here. But when they come here, all they see is garbage,” says BK Sirohi, a shop owner.

There are heaps of garbage on the pavements and the stink is unbearable. “Cleanliness in the area was never a priority with the civic agency. Funds for the cleanliness of the area are never utilised. As for the contributions made by shopkeepers and office owners, theyareneversufficientasmanydo not pay up,” says Santosh Mohan, who works in an office here.

Adds Milind Galhotra, another shopkeeper, “The complex has been in a mess for a long time. As it is a commercial complex, there is no vote bank. So, the upkeep of the area is not on the priority list of the civic agency. As parking is a lucrative business, the parking cell is active. One can see that parking is allowed in almost every lane around the complex.”

There is no registered association in the area. A lot of people have tried to clear the pavements with their own efforts but to no avail.“It is waste of space and we are left to suffer. Some booths in the area are redundant. They should be removed because every inch of space is precious and can be put to some use,” says Sunita Kaula, an officegoer.

“I am not aware of the situation but will surely take corrective measures and get the area cleaned,” says AK Singh, sanitation officer, South Delhi Municipal Corporation.


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