NGOs draw up safety measures

July 29, 2014


Keeping in view the recent accident of a train ramming a school bus at an unmanned level-crossing near Masaipet in Medak district, city-based NGOs have focused on the safety levels of the transport system in the district.

In order to avoid occurrence of such accidents in the region, representatives of Bala Vikas Foundation (BVF) and Praja Spandana have drawn up 10 points to be presented to the district administration, Transport and Education departments.

Checking the condition of school buses, verifying the licence, conducting periodical health check-up for drivers, considering parents’ views, examining the condition of buses and carrying surprise checks were some of the safety measures covered in the draft.

Expressing their concern over road safety, Narava Prakasa Rao and P. Venkateswara Rao of BVF along with C.S. Rao of Praja Spandana said: “The idea is to exercise caution and ensure safety for schoolchildren. The school management should work in line with the departments and make every effort to provide a secure environment for students.”

They said that they would approach MPs and MLAs to firm up the safety measures for schoolchildren in all aspects.

Source:The Hindu

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