Jammed junction on NH-17 dangerous for pedestrians

December 9, 2013



The four-road junction on National Highway 17 near O Coqueiro, Alto Porvorim, is yet another danger zone for pedestrians. Vehicular traffic moving at a break neck speed on the highway and also to and from the queen of beaches, Calangute and internal areas of Porvorim causes chaos at this intersection.The stretch of the road ahead towards Mapusa has been declared a danger zone for motorists, as several accidents have been reported in that section and many lives have been lost in the past.

Two cops are seen at the junction regulating traffic and that is the time pedestrians have some relief, but during supposedly off-peak hours, they are left to their own mercy. The location of two bus stops causes more congestion in the area.

While the traffic on the main thoroughfare zooms at top speed, tourist buses, vehicles carrying tourists and other vehicles approaching the highway from Calangute add to the confusion. Often vehicles diverting towards Calangute from the junction are seen racing away without entering the proper lane.

On the other side, the road leads to internal areas of Porvorim, Socorro and Salvador do Mundo in the east. Seeing the confusion, the entry for these vehicles to cross to Mapusa or Calangute has been barred and they have to do a roundabout on the highway towards Panaji.

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